Skater Skirt Saturday

Hi folks

As a petite pear I find an easy throw on outfit  includes a skater skirt.  It accentuates a small waist and skims over my big bum and hips.  I find that there are an abundance of skater skirts on the high street at the moment and plenty to choose from in the petite range.

In my last post, I mentioned that I have a short torso and ‘regular’ legs.  Skater skirts are fabulous because I can tuck any length top into them without them having to be a ‘petite’ fit. The skirt I’m wearing here is from the petite range in Miss Selfridge, but I could always wear a skater skirt from the normal range if I wanted it a little longer.

The t-shirt is from New looks normal range. If I wore it with jeans it wouldn’t fit and give me a ‘baggy back’. However, tucked in like this gives it a casual look.

You’ll often see me wearing a skater skirt, make sure you let me know if you find any fancy ones!


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